18 April 2014


It is almost the middle of spring, but if you are living in Bucharest and if you take a look on the window, you would probably say that it is the 18th of October, not April. Why? Well because it is heavily raining and there is no sign of  spring. 

Staying all day in bed, enjoying my hot cappucino and watching YouTube videos are just a few activities you can do on a rainy day. But honestly, I would preffer a sunny day, on the beach, seeing the happiness in the people's eyes. And from this desire, a new idea was born. Let me introduce you my first video, an exciting trailer of a breefly presentation of summer. I hope you would enjoy it, even if my video skills are not as developed as I would like to be. 

PS: Special thanks to my best friend Georgiana who helped me in making this video.Love you girl xx
PSS: For a better quality of the video, change it to HD

4 April 2014


Oh, dear spring! I can't even believe that it is already April and in less than a month I will finally turn 18. I'm both excited and sad about this, but today I'm not going to talk about this because I'm preparing a special post for this celebration which you will be able to see soon. So let's get back to this beautiful season which to me symbolizes a new beginning simply by its freshness and its power to make people happy. And where are you able to see the wonderful effects of this season? The Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park is definitely the answer.

31 March 2014


When it comes to fashion, in order to be appreciated by having your own original style, you must definitely have unique pieces in your wardrobe. If you are searching for unique pieces in places such as malls, where you can find famous clothing stores or even if you buy your clothes from expensive stores and you are thinking that not everybody can buy from there, you will be surprised to know that there is somebody, maybe at the same party, wearing the same dress or the same pair of pants as you. If you don't mind by this fact, you can continue to buy clothes from these places, but if you want to be admired by having your personal style, you should change something about your shopping routine.

The best places where you can find many beautiful pieces or accessories are the boutiques around the area where you are living. Why? Because these small stores are not as known and exposed as the big stores from malls. Of course if you are searching for basic pieces, you must search for them at big brands (stores from malls) because you can't always find the pieces of clothing you want in a small boutique, but you can definitely find interesting pieces which are not just good looking but also original. This happened to me when I found this t-shirt some days ago and honestly, I haven't seen it on another girl, so I might say I'm having an original piece clothing.