8 September 2014


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Even if we don't want to admit, it is that time again: back to school. I can't believe that I'm a 12th grader (senior), it feels like yesterday I was in the 9th grade, complaining about silly things, having the most horrible jokes (the situation isn't changed...kidding...I hope...), being insecure about myself and dreaming about perfection. I already feel old :( Anyway, in other countries school has already started, but luckily, in Romania school will start next Monday so I thought it would be a great idea to show you my 'back to school' outfit version.

Being in an high school that requires a standard outfit (almost an uniform) made me more creative in combining the classic white shirt, which is mandatory to wear, with other things in my closet. I believe that sometimes it is pretty hard to combine basic items in order not to have a boring look, so through high school I've learned that less is more if you combine the items properly. To conclude, what I recommend on the first day of school is to have a comfortable outfit that gives you confidence, to be friendly and have fun. 
(Optional: don't forget to bring a larger bag if you know you are going to receive the books you will need the whole year)

3 August 2014


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Hello everybody! I can't believe how long it was since my last post but hey, I'm here now. Since it is summer and everybody is going on vacation to the seaside or other places, I thought it would be useful to present you one of my most comfortable summer outfits perfect to explore new areas. From the last summer, but especially this summer, my obsession for jumpsuits grew. If you know how to combine them with other accessories or other items from your closet, not only you would be fashionable, but you would also save time (we all know how long it takes to choose an outfit). So if you weren't really into jumpsuits, now it is time to give them a try and don't forget to have fun!

1 August 2014


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Hello Everyone :)

Lover of Sequins started as a dream where all my passions, thoughts and preferences were combined. The need of expressing myself in another way than those people around me do, gave birth to this concept.

The name of the blog was a hard choice, because I wanted to illustrate at the same time, my general view of life and fashion. So that’s why I chose “lover”, because I think that everything revolves around love, we all become, if we are not already, lovers of anything, even if we don’t want to. The second part describes what I see when I’m talking about fashion. Many people say it is an industry, but for me is that thing which makes you feel confident about yourself, no matter what other problems you might have.