24 July 2014


image via tumblr

Every summer has its own story. But what's the best way to remember all the beautiful things if not by the songs you were listening on the way to the seaside accompanied by your best friends? So, dear friends, today I want to present you my summer playlist, which I hope you will like. 

21 July 2014


Hello everybody! I can't believe how long it was since my last post but hey, I'm here now. Since it is summer and everybody is going on vacation to the seaside or other places, I thought it would be useful to present you one of my most comfortable summer outfits perfect to explore new areas. From the last summer, but especially this summer, my obsession for jumpsuits grew. If you know how to combine them with other accessories or other items from your closet, not only you would be fashionable, but you would also save time (we all know how long it takes to choose an outfit). So if you weren't really into jumpsuits, now it is time to give them a try and don't forget to have fun!

17 June 2014


Feeling like a tourist in your own city? Well, this happened to me this weekend while I was searching for a local festival (Street Delivery) and I discovered new spots to enlighten my eyes. I didn't believe that Bucharest will surprise me again, but it did. Besides the Old City, where I took these pictures, there are so many other places to see such as Arthur Verona Street, Gradina Icoanei Park and the area around them,  where you can find interesting boutiques or hidden cafes filled with original decorations and colourful flowers.

Because Sunday is mainly made for wearing comfortable clothes, I decided to wear a sporty outfit for a day full of walking. For some time,  I was looking for that perfect pair of sneakers which can be combined with various items, from basic pants to elegant dresses, and thanks to Reebok I found them. Honestly I can wait to wear them in a bold combination with a dress!